Fisk University Welcomes an Extraordinary Class of Future Leaders…

Fisk University eagerly awaits the arrival of a remarkable group of incoming students. These talented individuals are poised to join our vibrant campus and embark on a transformative journey of personal and academic growth.

命运贾尔斯, a bright and driven student from Cordova, TN, sets an impressive standard for academic achievement with her outstanding GPA of 4.0分,ACT 26分. Destiny’s devotion to her studies is undeniable, consistently ranking among the top students in her class. Her true dedication to excellence shines through, and she is ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead on her path to becoming a doctor, eagerly participating in the “Determined to Be A “将来的医生”项目.

穆萨 Abdulrafiu, hailing from Kaduna, Nigeria, brings a rich global perspective to Fisk University. With an impressive GPA of 3.67 and an outstanding SAT score of 1550, 穆萨’s academic accomplishments speak volumes. His enrollment in the prestigious 5-year Fisk +范德比尔特 Dual Degree program reflects his ambition to pursue a double major in Computer Science and Physics, setting the stage for a successful future in Computer Engineering. 穆萨的领导能力, honed during his time at the Federal Government Academy Suleja, along with his dedication to community service, illustrate his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Joining us from Houston, TX, is Kaci麦克尼尔公司, an enthusiastic student who brings vibrant energy to Fisk University as a dedicated cheerleader. Despite her demanding schedule, Kaci maintains an impressive GPA of 3.41 while excelling in extracurricular activities. Her unwavering commitment to fostering school spirit and promoting physical health among her teammates highlights the uplifting spirit she will contribute to the Fisk community.

考特妮·约翰逊, a passionate and engaged student from Chicago, IL, eagerly awaits the opportunity to immerse herself in a wide range of activities at Fisk University. With an exceptional GPA of 4.05 and an impressive SAT score of 1100, Kourtney has already established herself as a 积极向上,. Through her involvement in various organizations such as the Debate Team, 德性淑女, 黑人学生会, 妹妹 妹妹, Lindblom Teacher’s Assistant Program, and the Chicago Debates Leadership Council, Kourtney is ready to embrace personal growth and community involvement as integral aspects of her educational journey.

alexy巴尔的摩, 一个骄傲的纳什维尔人, shines with exceptional academic accomplishments and a deep commitment to creating an inclusive community. 平均绩点3分.43 and an ACT score of 21, Alexys has proven herself to be a driven and accomplished student. Her active engagement in the 黑人学生会 reflects her determination to foster inclusivity and celebrate diversity on campus.

来自乔治亚州塔克, 瑞茜·卡特 brings her passion for golf and aspirations in law and debate to Fisk University. Engaging in various extracurricular activities, including Student Government and Yearbook Staff, Reese’s drive extends beyond academics. As she majors in political science, Reese is excited to use her voice to bring justice to those affected by systemic racism and make a meaningful impact in society.

As Fisk University eagerly awaits the arrival of these exceptional students, our pride rests in providing a nurturing and inclusive environment that empowers them to explore their passions and excel in their chosen fields. Together, we will shape the future and inspire greatness.